About Us


Wild Green Future was created to use the power of the internet to save the world.


Our founders are the scientists, environmental educators, natural resource professionals, and veterinarians who run Wild Green Memes for Ecological Fiends, a lighthearted ecological group that started on Facebook and has grown to have a presence across many social media platforms. 

As the group grew, we quickly realized we were in a position to do a lot of good by channeling the energy of our global community of nature enthusiasts towards conservation.

We started by directing a portion of merch sales from Wild Green Memes to conservation nonprofits we believe in, then created the annual Charity Battle fundraiser to directly generate cash for organizations that are doing good work.

Wild Green Future is how we scale that up.

We have the expertise to understand and evaluate ecological problems and conservation solutions, but the world is too big for any small group to have the perfect solution to each problem in every place. 

For every problem, there is a person or an organization in the right position to fix it. We draw from the Wild Green Memes community to find those people and give them the support they need to make those solutions a reality. 

In this way, piece by piece, we facilitate solutions and create systems of ecological health that will ultimately lead to a wild, green future.