Meet the Board

Rhett Barker is the original founder of Wild Green Future and of Wild Green Memes for Ecological Fiends. He has a BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida and is currently a master’s candidate in Montana State University’s Science and Natural History Film program. Rhett’s career centers around using new technologies to explore and protect the natural world, and his interests include ecology, conservation, memes, kayaking, tennis, and reading fearsome critter legends.

Rhett Barker

Dr. McKenzie Toth is a moderator for Wild Green Memes and runs the Wild Green Memes Instagram. Dr. Toth graduated with a DVM from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine and a BS in Biology from the University of Florida, where she met many of the other moderators. She was introduced to ecology and conservation by volunteering with the Florida Museum of Natural History’s herpetology department. While in veterinary school, she developed an interest in wildlife and conservation medicine. While she will work with small and exotic companion animals in practice, she plans to remain involved in local conservation initiatives. Her other interests include cultivating a pollinator-friendly vegetable garden and scientific illustration.

Dr. McKenzie Toth

Curtis Sarkin is a content generator for Wild Green Memes and a co-host on the Wild Green Streams podcast. Curtis has a BA in Writing in Natural History and Cultural Perspectives from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a major that he designed through the school’s Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration Program. His BA included many international programs, with studies in tropical field biology in Costa Rica and Panama, ecology and indigenous spirituality in Peru, and geography and indigenous history in Australia. Through numerous Massachusetts nonprofits, Curtis has taught about freshwater, forest, and marine ecology, whale behavior, and herpetology.  His interests include prehistoric life, meme evolution, tidepooling, creating nature art, and writing ecological science fiction.

Curtis Sarkin

Court Harding

Court Harding is a moderator for Wild Green Memes.

Court has a BS in wildlife ecology and conservation from the University of Florida.

They are currently working as a senior water resources technician at a private company in Florida. Their main career goals center around the study of the ecology and conservation of rattlesnakes and educating the public, online and in-person, about snakes. Court is hoping to pursue a PhD in the near future involving rattlesnake research. In their spare time, Court can also be found birding, playing Animal Crossing, and enjoying board games with friends.

Leroy Nuñez is a moderator for Wild Green Memes and a co-host on the Wild Green Streams podcast. He has a BS in Biology and a MS in Interdisciplinary Ecology from the University of Florida. He is currently a PhD Student at the American Museum of Natural History where he is studying the evolution of North American watersnakes. Leroy's main career goal is to become a Curator at a major natural history museum, overseeing a collection, and conducting his own research with a lab where he could mentor students and early career scientists so they could have their own successful careers. His main research interests are to determine what drives adaptations and variations throughout the natural world using an interdisciplinary approach utilizing genomic, geographic, ecological, paleontological, and morphological data to answer such questions. His other interests include music, the cinema, the great outdoors, creative writing, photography, and chaotic energy.

Leroy Nuñez

Iona Hennessy is a moderator for Wild Green Memes and a co-host on the Wild Green Streams podcast. She graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and currently interns with the USDA doing research with invasive reptiles in Florida. Her career interests include herpetology, prescribed fire, insects, birds, and mammals. Her current career plan is to work for a few seasons as a wildlife technician, then go back to school and earn a Masters in the wildlife field.

Her other interests include wildlife photography, growing succulents, and finding animals on nature walks.

Iona Hennessy

Danielle Russell is a moderator for Wild Green Memes.

Danielle has a BS in Animal Science, a minor in Entomology & Nematology, and a Certificate of Medical Entomology from the University of Florida. She is currently attending Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, with an interest in animal behavior and exotics/wildlife medicine. Danielle’s professional goals include exotic pet health, canine behavior consultations, and assisting with local wildlife research projects. She also hopes to conduct research on improving care of species kept for conservation purposes. Specific interests include identifying causes for neurologic disease in tarantulas, reptile behavioral response to enrichment, and using biomarkers to evaluate stress response in trained vs untrained zoological species. Danielle’s hobbies include hiking, photography, arts and crafts, dog training, reading, and adventuring with friends.

Danielle Russell